Vikash Mody


Vikash Mody is the CEO and Founder of HireHigh. Vikash is a sophomore at the Chadwick school in Palos Verdes, CA.  

Born in Cincinnati, Vikash has lived in California since he was a year old.  He loves outdoor activities and plays on the varsity tennis and soccer teams at school. Vikash is also active in other school activities including Model UN, Improv, and Community Service. Vikash is active outside of school and in particular has been a volunteer for Sankara Eye Foundation for almost 10 years and has raised almost $5000 through birthday gifts, fundraisers, and other events.  He has always had an interest in business and the stock market but it wasn’t until he joined the YEA! program earlier this year that he was able to channel that passion into an actual business.

HireHigh is an online marketplace that connects parents who need some help with their kids to local high school students who have relevant skills and experiences. Its unique web platform and app creates a marketplace for these two groups in a safe, trusted environment.  Parents can search for the right skills at a reasonable cost and hire a local high school student.

Vikash came up with the idea for HireHigh based on his family's experience when they moved from San Francisco to the Los Angeles area almost 5 years ago.  He remembered the challenge his parents had trying to find help and seeking referrals from the school and neighbors.  

Vikash advanced from his local YEA! Investor Panel event, where he also won the Ion Innovation Award. He then won the Western Regional Saunders Scholars Competition in Phoenix, AZ, and is set to compete among America's top young entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C., on June 8, 2015.