Capital Equipment Coalition North America

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A coalition of leading businesses collaborating to advance the circular economy                   

In partnership with Philips and the World Economic Forum’s Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE), the U.S. Chamber Foundation has expanded the Capital Equipment Coalition (CEC) to the North American market. With participation from leading businesses involved in the servicing, manufacturing and distribution of durable goods known as “capital equipment,” the Coalition seeks to create an open forum to reduce the environmental footprint of the capital equipment sector through goal-setting, information-sharing, and collaboration.

The vision of the Coalition is a closed-loop capital equipment industry in which value is preserved and recovered across the product lifecycle. To achieve this, the Coalition aims to: 

  • Accelerate circular strategies through commitments, issue workshops, and peer benchmarking
  • Generate research, case studies, pilot projects, and events specific to North American circular opportunities
  • Amplify business best practices via industry and supply chain partners
  • Advance North American circular economy transition alongside global public and private sector leaders

The Coalition is supported through the PACE Action Agenda, a global overview of best practices and gaps along the capital equipment value chain, with concrete calls to action to make the impact that is needed and reduce the environmental footprint. 

How it Works

Member companies set industry-leading commitments to advance circularity in the capital equipment they manufacture or manage. The Coalition then collaboratively identifies challenges and opportunities, shares best practices and develops solutions to drive change towards a circular economy for capital equipment. Finally, the Coalition engages and enables key stakeholders to identify, build upon, and share approaches and technologies that can accelerate the circular economy across industries. 

Get Involved

The Coalition is currently accepting additional capital equipment manufacturers and operators. To discuss joining, please email the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Sustainability and Circular Economy team at

The Capital Equipment Coalition North America is part of an international effort for circularity in capital equipment under the PACE program. Launched in Davos 2018, a group of forward-thinking business leaders in Europe committed to bold pledges that aim to preserve and recover the value from the capital equipment they produce, service, or influence. The U.S. Chamber Foundation is proud to partner with businesses in the North American market as an additional cohort within the Coalition alongside Europe.