Technology and data are disrupting nearly every industry for the better, except education and workforce.

People often can’t communicate what they know and are able to do in ways that are meaningful to employers. Yet employers, trying to find the right talent to fit their needs, rely on a person’s ability to communicate the value of their skills and experience.

Our talent marketplace is fragmented, preventing an individual’s record of learning from being transferable data. And any data that is collected, is siloed.

The T3 Innovation Network is solving that. 

This network has grown to more than 500 organizations working together to change the way we provide, access, and use educational and workforce data by using advanced technologies like AI, blockchain, and others to create an open and decentralized public-private data ecosystem. 
As a result of this work, rather than hunting down data, job seekers will be able to display the breadth of their experience in a single, comprehensive learning record. 

The T3 Network will:

  • Define what a competency-based lifelong learner record should be so that all learning counts, no matter where it takes place.
  • Modernize technology and advance data standards to achieve seamless sharing of data throughout a person’s education and career pathway.
  • Empower individuals with a validated record of their skills and competencies in a way that all employers can understand.


T3 Innovation Network Hub

Modernizing the Data and Technology That Power the Talent Marketplace

Become a member of the T3 Network Hub to join a community of workforce professionals, employers, educators, policymakers, technology makers, nonprofit leaders, activists, and other volunteers working together to bring change for good through infrastructure and collaboration. Our work is international, vendor-neutral, and conducted under the CC BY 4.0 Creation Commons license.

As a member, you will receive updates on meetings, publications, use cases, tools, events, and other resources on how stakeholders and technologies can work together to improve outcomes for learners and workers. 

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Aligning Innovations for Employers and Candidates

Employers are facing major challenges in closing their skills gaps, diversifying their workforces, and remaining agile in a rapidly changing global economy. As a result, many employers are pursuing skills-based hiring and advancement strategies. They are starting to right-size their requirements by asking for only their most critical specific skills while reducing their use of more indirect indicators of skills such as traditional college degrees and work experience that prevent them from tapping into a broader and more diverse pool of candidates pursuing alternative pathways. They also are exploring new recruitment and hiring practices enabled through advanced data analytics. However there remain many barriers to adoption and scaling. Candidates also are facing major challenges in navigating this dynamic talent marketplace. These challenges can be addressed through a new generation of resumes and learning and employment records (LERs) and new analytics-based guidance services and initiatives, but adoption strategies are needed.

This project provides a framework and forum for aligning and scaling innovative employer practices and initiatives with related learner and worker-centered initiatives designed to empower workers that together have the potential to create significant value for both employers and learners/workers.

Skills-Based Hiring and Advancement (SBHA) is the process by which employers and their HR service providers identify, recruit, hire, and advance candidates based on the match between a work opportunity’s skill requirements and a candidate’s skills.

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