Talent Forward 2018

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 8:00am
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20062
United States


The U.S. Chamber Foundation's national workforce conference, Talent Forward 2018, welcomes leaders and change makers in the business and education communities, industry and human resource partners, and other community leaders to discuss the most critical topic in our country today: our workforce.

How to grow, recruit, and align talent to economic need impacts everyone—every future and existing employee and every business, whether a mom and pop shop or Fortune 50 company. Ultimately, creating environments where cultivating talent is the focus leads to shared success for individuals, companies, and communities.

This year’s conference will feature dynamic speakers discussing real pathways to careers, actionable strategies to close the skills gap, and a breakdown of real, employer-led solutions that are driving talent forward.


Early Bird Registration (until Labor Day): $250
General Admission: $350

We look forward to sharing more information with you soon. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for this year's event, please contact workforce@uschamber.com

Featured topics for this year's conference include:


Expanding and Extending Career Pathways

Industry leaders must be at the forefront of exploring innovative models that connect young adults to jobs more effectively, cultivating job-ready skills, and building stronger connections with education and workforce partners. Discussion will include opportunities for career exposure, the national state of apprenticeships, paid internship programs, and other work-based learning experiences.

Building Talent from Scratch

Career readiness is an overused, misunderstood term and education is often given the blame for not adequately preparing students for the world of work. These discussions will take on the challenge of rethinking not only how we educate but also how employers must shift their thinking as they assess a potential employee’s preparation.

Skills in the Age of AI and Adapting to Change

Workforce advances are happening all around us—big and open data, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality … and though more companies are implementing solutions leveraging these practices, they are still significantly misunderstood. How do we advance at a pace that works for business without leaving employees and job seekers behind?

Clearer Signals and Hiring in the Digital Age

Across the talent marketplace, employers struggle to signal their needs and hiring requirements, contributing to the ubiquitous skills gap. Unless employers have the right tools to provide clearer signals in talent markets, this challenge will persist. Can job seekers, employers, and their education and credentialing partners cut through the noise and align our signals?

Continual Learning and Adaptation to a Dynamic Economy

Continual learning and adaptation to change is critical to an individual, a company, or a community’s ability to grow and remain competitive. Creating a corporate culture that embraces and encourages lifelong learning can result in resiliency and opportunity. No matter the business size or industry, what are the secrets to create environments of talent cultivation?

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