This implementation guide builds on the foundation set forth in the 2014 white paper, Managing the Talent Pipeline: A New Approach to Closing the Skills Gap, which identified how employers could leverage lessons learned from supply chain management and apply them to their education and workforce partnerships. The strategies identified in the current guide expands on this work and shows how key practices in supply chain management can inform employer action in organizing and managing the talent pipeline.

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This white paper begins by examining the challenge and need for a “demand-driven” system. From there, it introduces supply chain management and explores key lessons that inform how employers can improve their partnerships with education and workforce providers.

Next, the paper identifies three foundational principles for a new talent pipeline management system and concludes by highlighting implications for key stakeholders, including employers, education and workforce providers, students and workers, and policymakers.  

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This report begins with with an overview of the Talent Pipeline Management initiative and lessons learned from supply chain management in supplier quality assurance and certification.

Next, it presents two approaches for expanding the employer role in higher education accreditation and a roadmap for developing an independent, employer-driven system. It then addresses implications for scaling and sustaining this new approach and conclude by issuing a call to action.

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Talent Flow Analysis is a process for describing and analyzing the flow of workers into and out of a targeted set of jobs that are most critical for the competitiveness of employers and the region in which they do business.  

This guide aims to explain the talent flow analysis approach and tee up the “how to” steps for public-private economic and workforce development initiatives to implement talent flow analysis.  

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Based on lessons learned from Talent Pipeline Management, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation now proposes to develop and pilot test an employer-led job registry service that can assist employers and their HR technology partners.

This paper outlines how the job registry could be developmed and organized, and explains why the time is right for this approach to be pilot tested. 

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