The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Data-Driven Innovation Project explores the rapid advancements happening in the digital economy as well as the inventive use of data for good. The promise of bigger and better data is a future of greater opportunity and growth. The Foundation is conducting research activities and a series of events around the country in order to highlight this potential.

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Data as Tools for Economic Growth

In my home state of Maine, the leaves are on the ground and everyone is getting ready for cold weather. It’s a busy time for the owner of my local hardware store, who has to figure out how he’ll keep all the snowblowers, shovels, and ice scrapers in stock during the long winter.

Enterprising States 2012

Since the financial panic of 2008, “the new normal” has become the phrase of choice to depict the future of the American economy as one of muted growth and high unemployment, claiming that we have reached both technological and economic plateaus. To be sure, the relative weakness of the current recovery – arguably the weakest in contemporary history – does support the “new normal” thesis.