Economic Growth

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is dedicated to promoting initiatives that grow our nation's economy. 

Read the Foundation's report, The Growth Imperative, for more information about the importance of faster economic growth.


Infrastructure resilience is one of the greatest challenges facing our country today.  In the post-disaster world of events like Hurricane Katrina and the near meltdown of the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan following last year’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, public and private sect

The Eight Factors of American Competitiveness

America has momentous deccisions to make. Extraordinary challenges and unprecedented opportunities shaped by an increasingly competitive global economy, shifting demographics, and expanding freedom are taking shape all around us. At the same time, alarming indicators and dangerous trends in our nation’s economy, governance, and politics are seriously impeding our progress and threaten America’s competitiveness position.

High Risk on the High Seas

54% of attacks on maritime vessels were committed by Somali pirates in a region of the world where 21,000 commercial ships annually sail, transporting over 10% of the global oil supply and 7% of the worlds maritime commerce.