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June 21, 2012

Today, literacy in technology has become equally as important as literacy in the English language. Computers are used to calibrate machines and settings, which in turn improves productivity and increases efficiency. Practiced and proficiently trained workers are in high demand as technological advancements are rapidly introduced and international competition increases.

High School Junior's View on Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship: A National Survey

Junior Achievement and the National Chamber Foundation believe that the solution to the current national economic instability lies in the principles of a free enterprise system and entrepreneurship. However, exactly ehat the U.S. population, particularly high school students, understands about the basic tenets and benefits of a free enterprise system or entrepreneurship remains unlear.

In an effort to better understand where these knowledge gaps exist, Junior Achievement, in partnership with the National Chamber Foundation researched high school juniors' understanding of the free enterprise system ad how it effects job creation.