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Why is fighting the flu important for every business and every employee? In addition to keeping your team healthy and working, flu season is once again colliding with the COVID-19 pandemic this year. Business owners and leaders play a vital role in encouraging employees to get the flu vaccine.

Healthcare Coalition Business in Action Interview Series

We sat down with business leaders driving the global corporate response to COVID-19 to learn more about their efforts, how they are navigating this uncharted territory, and what advice they have for others. Next up in our COVID-19 Business in Action interview series are Dr. Jay J. Schnitzer, chief medical and technology officer, MITRE, and Dr. John Halamka, president of Mayo Clinic Platform.

Partnering to Feed Students & Families During COVID-19

While approximately 124,000 schools are closed for classroom learning, 95% continue to remain open to provide emergency meal assistance for students during the pandemic. More than 30 million American children depend on school meals for a significant portion of their daily nutrition, whether school is in session or not.

As the economic climate worsens and unemployment rises, the pressure to feed our nation’s youth continues to escalate – and the approach of summer complicates things further.