Sandee Kastrul
  • President, Co-Founder, Chief Hope Officer, i.c.stars

Sandee is the proud president, co-founder, and chief hope officer of i.c.stars, a workforce development organization, and a social enterprise. i.c.stars exists to develop change-driven individuals to excel in technology careers and effect change as community leaders. Under Sandee’s leadership, i.c.stars has been recognized by Strada Education Network, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and the Brookings Institution. Sandee has been recognized by the Chicago Community Trust Fellowship (2015), as a Racial Equity Fellow by Chicago United for Equity (2017), for Outstanding Leadership in STEM education by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition (2017), by Stand+Together Foundation as part of their Catalyst cohort for outstanding nonprofits (2018), and as a part of New Profit’s Postsecondary Innovation & Equity cohort (2020-2022).