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Workforce Development and Training

When America works, economies grow, opportunity thrives, and communities prosper.

Workers need new and better pathways to quality careers. At the same time, businesses need top talent to compete — whether in their own communities or on the world stage. We solve both sides of the equation by bridging crucial communication gaps between business and education and harnessing new technologies to support a well-run talent marketplace. 

We know that success must include those underserved by our outdated career and education systems. That is why we work to ensure our programs reflect the broad, diverse talent pool our nation offers.


Cheryl Oldham, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber Foundation
There's really no more important asset to our country, to our communities, to companies — than talent.— Cheryl Oldham, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber Foundation

Skills-Based Hiring and Advancement

Employers are facing major challenges in closing their skills gaps, diversifying their workforces, and remaining agile in a rapidly changing global economy. As a result, many employers are pursuing skills-based hiring and advancement strategies. Learn about how the U.S. Chamber Foundation's T3 Innovation Network is providing a framework for matching employer needs with skills, and creating more opportunities for learners and workers.

TPM Case Study

As the gap between talent and employer needs increased in one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, greater:SATX recognized the need for investment in upskilling San Antonians.

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Talent Finance

Hospitals around the United States have tried many financing models to recruit and retain more qualified nurses. A new financing initiative in Vermont is showing promise to improve the odds of success.

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