May 21, 2024


The Talent Pipeline, The Horse Groom, A Workforce Rethinking

Published in Forbes by Contributor Michael Bernick on May 15, 2024.

The worker shortages of the past three years are driving employers to seek out more effective strategies of recruitment and retention of their entry level workforces. One of the strategies finding widespread employer interest and a rapid take-up rate is the Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) program of the U.S. Chamber Foundation.

TPM is not pitching a new technology tool for identifying potential employees, or an Artificial Intelligence answer for sorting job applications. Rather, it provides a structured process for identifying local workers, onboarding them, and providing opportunities for wage and career advancement. It is meeting specific and immediate employer needs. Beyond this, though, it is helping to spur a broader rethinking of how companies and sectors can invest in entry level workers, reduce turnover, and be part of achieving a fuller middle class economy.

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