Our Purpose

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation harnesses the power of business to create solutions for the good of America and the world.

Our Work

We anticipate, develop, and deploy solutions to challenges facing communities to:

  • Prepare for and recover from disasters. We deliver education, training, tools and resources to help employers prepare for disasters and get back to the important business of serving communities.
  • Scout cutting-edge solutions. We explore frontier issues, test new ideas, and suggest novel approaches to address big-picture challenges that will impact the future.
  • Resolve complex, long-term issues. We work with business to provide practical solutions for wider adoption, participation, and engagement.

Our Values

Our culture of innovation is rooted in strong partnerships and propelled by core values.

Passion fuels our work. We believe business is a force for good, and we apply head, heart, and commitment to turn this potential into impact.

Vision drives our approach. We are attuned to the needs and emerging challenges of communities as we shape and execute smarter solutions.

Connectivity is our currency. We are uniquely trusted to bring together the right network of leaders in business, government and nonprofits to shape and execute stronger solutions.

Action is our posture. We don’t just talk about solutions; we develop and execute them.