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The challenges communities will grapple with in the future don’t typically overlap with the challenges they face right now. The world needs someone who’s looking around the corner to recognize, examine, and evaluate tomorrow’s solutions—today.

Peer feedback is important, especially for our AI-powered colleagues. We had AI chatbots evaluate each other's responses to determine the capabilities and creative limits of the four most popular AI chatbots. By having the tools assess each other, we uncovered strengths, limits, and insights into their 'personalities,' biases, and self-awareness.

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Through our incubator pilots, we source, vet, and nurture cutting-edge solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

Working in concert with other Foundation programs and business partners, we develop theories of change and test new approaches to challenges across a spectrum of disciplines, including geopolitical risk, democracy and capitalism, and business-led solutions to wicked problems.

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