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Experience You

An initiative of the T3 Innovation Network: Bringing Everyone’s Past Education and Experience Forward — As Skills

What if every worker could communicate the skills they obtained over the course of their life regardless of where they were obtained – formal education, the workforce or in the military? Learning and Employment Records (LERs) is a tool to help learners/workers do just that and therefore it holds the promise of significantly advancing skills-based hiring. 

Experience You is designed to advance the growth of LERs by piloting how emerging technologies like A.I. can be used to support the issuance of verifiable and trusted records of experience and achievements for learners and workers. This information will allow an individual to communicate in the language of skills what they know and can do based on past education and work experience. 

Experience You

Experience You is designed to support the growth of LERs by exploring how emerging technologies like AI can be used to support the issuance of verifiable and trusted records of experience and achievements for the current workforce. By allowing the past to join with the present, Experience You provides a pathway for everyone to be part of the LER movement.

The U.S. Chamber Foundation, through its T3 Innovation Network, partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Education Design Lab, and our vast network of employer partners. Experience You engaged innovators to envision a future where skills data can empower individuals and catalyze communities across a skills ecosystem, powered by tools, such as open technology standards and AI to support its democratization. The initial call for participation received nearly 50 responses resulting in more than 20 project teams and a dozen advisors committing to the project goals and timeline.

For the next six months, project teams tackled the ambitious challenge of developing AI solutions to generate LERs for those that need them most. Tactically, this meant collecting learning and employment information scattered across disparate PDFs, audio and video files, assessment results, or digital badges, and repackaging the data as standardized JSON-LD files. Ultimately, eight teams completed the project with prototypes.

Experience You Demonstrations

Watch leading AI innovators demonstrate the power of their tools to generate meaningful digital records in the form of LERs that will allow for greater adoption and scale.

Tools That Scale Opportunity

Experience You strives to address concerns around digital trust models, tools for verification, and the building of credentials that hold present and future value in our learning and employment ecosystem. Imagine a world where in just a handful of years, Experience You can help develop and scale the tools needed to create up to 25 million self-asserted LERs with more than 250 million machine readable skills to the benefit of opportunity seekers and employers. This, combined with an evolving ecosystem that is issuing and verifying new records can be the tipping point we need to bring about change and foster transformative impact.

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