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Through new tools and applications, the U.S. Chamber Foundation is transforming how employers and their education and workforce partners harness the power of employer-validated skills for skills-based hiring and greater alignment with education, training, and credentialing.

In today’s economy, people want to know which jobs and skills are most in-demand by employers. However, only a limited amount of the information about employer demand available today has been validated by employers. And when it does happen, it is rarely scalable or sustained. At the same time, employers want help transitioning to skills-based hiring and need resources and tools to help organize their job descriptions and postings based on skills.

The Opportunity

Imagine if anywhere in the country you could easily look up what employers say are their most in-demand jobs and the skills associated with them, and know those same skills are being used by employers to hire based on skills and align education, training, and credentialing offerings.

JobSIDE is a web-based resource developed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to help employers more easily produce skill profiles for in-demand jobs to use in skills-based hiring and support educators and workforce development professionals to more easily align their education, training, and credentialing offerings. JobSIDE will help users:

- Search Competency and Skill Frameworks

- Compile and Convert Existing Job Descriptions and Posting Into Skills Data, Supported by A.I.

- Support Skill Validation with an Employer and Across Employers

- Publish and Make Available Validated Skill Profiles Supported by One or Multiple Employers

- Track Which Frameworks and Profiles Are Being Used by Employers to Describe Their Most In-Demand Jobs

- Pull Skill Profiles Into HRIS Platforms for Use in Organizing a Job Description or Posting

- Map Learning Outcomes in a Curriculum, Credential, Assessment, or Learner Record to Employer-Validated Skills

JobSIDE MVP testing is currently underway with the goal to fully deploy a suite of tools in 2024.

For More Information

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