The Apple iPad and Entrepreneurship

By Adam Witty, CEO, Advantage Media Group 

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On Saturday morning, I and 100 other Charlestonians anxiously waited in line to purchase the first Apple iPad. Advantage’s Online Media & Marketing Manager Seth Rubenstein, a true geek at heart, arrived at 6am for the 9am opening. Seth wisely reserved a couple of iPads for our company weeks ago. When the doors opened, Advantage purchased the very first iPad in the entire city. Two days later, we released our first iPad books.

As a publisher of business books, my company lives in an industry that wishes (and acts like) it was 1980. I wasn’t surprised to see any other publishers in line. I was surprised that there were not more entrepreneurs anxiously waiting to buy the iPad. For the most part, it was regular, every day people.

Technology has democratized entrepreneurship, making it now easier (and cheaper) than ever before to start a business. Technology of all kinds is a big friend to the entrepreneur.  Some say that the iPad is a fad. Others have said the same about Facebook, Twitter, and social media. Perhaps the pundits are right…maybe it will be just another fad. But, as entrepreneurs, can we really afford to take that chance? If it is a fad, big deal! You invested time in a project that didn’t pan out. What do you think we call every sales call that doesn’t result in a deal? But if you do jump on the iPad and all other technology before others, you can be light years ahead of the competition. 

We entrepreneurs are opportunity-makers. Our nation (and the world) counts on us to be ahead of the wave, because that is where progress lives. As the old saying goes, if you aren’t the lead dog the view never changes.