Chamber Foundation Explores the Changing Face of Work

July 29, 2016


WORK FORWARD event offers new insights into recruiting and managing a 21st-century workforce.

On Monday, July 11, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosted WORK FORWARD — a fast-paced, half-day event to discuss new developments that are changing the future of work and how we lead and manage employees. The agenda featured speakers on digital hiring, the big data behind LinkedIn and where the jobs and skills are globally, protecting your employees from cyber hackers, and more. 

The Chamber Foundation challenged attendees to come with an open mind and think creatively about how they work and run their organizations. Suzanne Clark, executive vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, encouraged the audience to unplug from their to-do lists during the program and to “think of this as either a mental day at the beach — where your brain gets a break and can come back refreshed and revitalized — or a mental day at the gym, where you actually get to work different muscles.”

Speakers at WORK FORWARD addressed workplace issues including management solutions to fixing the dwindling pipeline of female executive talent; a call to action to disrupt the stigma around taking vacation days, which will improve worker productivity, innovation, and retention; and the economic impact of bad meetings, and how we can reclaim our calendars. 

WORK FORWARD also showcased new technologies such as augmented reality smart helmets that are improving safety and increasing productivity for workers in industrial jobs.

If you missed the WORK FORWARD event, you can view the webcast it in its entirety online. And stay tuned for more details on the next Future State Series event, HEALTH FORWARD, on October 18, 2016.