Women in Business: Redefining the Game

With the Center for Women in Business (CWB) Summit today and the release of NCF's research project (conducted with Georgetown University and in cooperation with CWB), we at NCF thought it would be a good opportunity to host a blog post written by CWB's executive director, Roberta Phillips, highlighting the what and why of the organization.

We are living in a new era of business, one where international trade and e-commerce have almost completely taken shape. This era of business and innovation has opened up the world to an entirely new demographic of invigorated and inspired business leaders: women. In fact, women-owned businesses have become the fastest growing emerging market in the world. Without a doubt, women have emerged as contenders in the battle of business and have shown up to “redefine the game.” They are breaking down the barriers that once segregated them from executive leadership and entrepreneurship, and have begun transforming how corporate America values them in every business sector.

Nearly 50% of America’s workforce are women. While women continue to move into leadership roles, there is still work to be done. This is why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce created the Center for Women in Business (CWB)—a new initiative with the purpose of empowering women business leaders to achieve personal and professional growth through mentorship and networking.

And that is what brought us here, sitting on the helm of our inaugural event: Redefining the Game. Our main objective is to set the tone for the year with the clear goals of providing resources and access to information for both seasoned and aspiring women in business. “Research shows that the best indicator of a woman’s success is her network. With a strong network, a woman is better able to prosper in her field and multiply her influence,” comments the Women’s Initiative Fellowship Program (WIFP) of the George W. Bush Institute.

Networking and mentorship are key facets of CWB.  Utilizing proven models for peer-to-peer mentorship, we are already witnessing through this development process, how networked women are successful women. Welcome to our work and our passion. Over the next few months, we look forward to having you join us, but also witnessing what we can do together.