July 01, 2020


Prior to the pandemic, there were approximately 675,000 childcare providers in this country, predominately small businesses, who were already operating on thin margins. The public health crisis of COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the childcare industry. In the spring of 2020, many childcare providers closed their programs to follow public health guidance, leading to lost revenue for weeks and months at a time. While many providers have now re-opened as states have begun to open up, they are still operating with limited capacity and increased operational costs. Read more about the unique experiences of the providers who are trying to weather this crisis and care for the young children of working parents.

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Stories from Providers

We heard from childcare providers across the country. Listen to their stories below:

Impact on the Childcare Industry

The majority of childcare in this country is provided by small businesses, who are experiencing significant financial stress as a result of COVID-19 and are at risk of closing permanently. Watch the video to learn more and spread the word!