September 08, 2022


Future of Data Working Group Foundational Principles

The following principles were set by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Future of Data Working Group to guide this initiative.

  1. All students can learn, and all deserve to be held to high expectations and deserve to be served by a system that can meet their personal needs.
  2. Information regarding school and district inputs and student educational outcomes is critical for students, teachers, parents, and policymakers.
  3. A federal role is critical for establishing guardrails to ensure that all students can access a high-quality education.
  4. Education funding shall strive for quality and equity, meaning students who the system has historically underserved shall have the most resources applied to their educational experience.
  5. Information and transparency into the K-12 system's performance shall expand access to high-quality learning opportunities. It shall allow resources to be targeted to improving low performing schools and also allow students and families to select other public options if their school is not meeting their student's needs or interests.