May 07, 2020


The economy and the labor market that powers it has undergone unprecedented transformation in recent months. Collaboration between the business and education communities is more important than ever. As labor markets adapt, communication between employers and educators—and the agility to adjust when needed—is critically important.

That‘s why we have developed the Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) Resource Guide: A Compendium for High-Quality CTE in partnership with Advance CTE.

Created with the support of TPM practitioners and CTE state directors from across the country, these new resources are designed to meet the unique needs of CTE leaders and their employer partners. Using an action-oriented framework, the Resource Guide provides recommendations and concrete steps for CTE practitioners and employers to collaborate with one another and improve their offerings to students and workers.

Students and workers, education partners, and employers have been seeking new strategies to align learning in the classroom and the workplace with what is needed in the workforce. While CTE programs are developed with student interest and employer need in mind, challenges remain when it comes to sustaining the partnership between employers and CTE programs at scale.

Building stronger partnerships between employers and the CTE community requires bridging the communication divide. These resources provide an orientation of the roles that different professionals and organizations play in making partnerships work.

It is our hope that more CTE programs can begin benefiting from the TPM® movement.

View the resource guide here.