“Through advancements in technology and data standardization, the business community can transform how it organizes and communicates hiring requirements for the jobs it relies on most to compete and grow.”

The JDX will help employers and their HR technology partners to send better, faster, clearer signals on in-demand jobs and skills. The JDX will support more accurate, comparable, and machine-readable data on jobs through improved data standards as well as open data tools, resources, and applications. The result? Better employer signaling to education and workforce partners to improve career pathways and guidance for learners and workers.

In short, the JDX will:

  • Create industry-validated job profiles
  • Develop competency-based job descriptions
  • Distribute job postings to preferred and trusted partners as linked, structured data

This project, that began with an idea that we needed clearer employer signaling in the talent marketplace to be able to make a dent in today's workforce challenges, is leading to the development of the modern-day Rosetta stone that will translate and decode what skills employers seek for their workforce. 

The JDX Pilot

The JDX is being co-designed and pilot tested throughout 2019 with eight pilot partner teams, across seven states and the District of Columbia, to improve job descriptions and share them with their talent sourcing partners. Pilot partners were announced via press release in February.

Meet the Team


JDX Advisory Committee

We have selected a diverse group of professionals representing employers, HR technology providers, and education and workforce stakeholders to provide recommendations and feedback on the design, data integration, pilot, evaluation, adoption, and future use of the JDX initiative to double check our work and help keep us on track. 

Meet the Committee