Best Business Neighbor Award-Finalist, Kimberly-Clark/Huggies

Finalist: Kimberly-Clark/Huggies

A study commissioned in 2010 by Huggies®, revealed that one in three American mothers struggle to provide diapers for their babies. These mothers have had to cut back on basics such as food and utilities in order to provide enough diapers.

This issue of diaper need is serious and has been largely unrecognized until now.

Forty-three percent of mothers struggling with diaper need say they need 14 or more extra diapers per week to feel they have enough. Yet there is little help for these mothers and babies as many community-based organizations don’t provide diapers.

Additionally, food assistance programs like food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children) focus solely on food and nutrition, and therefore do not cover diapers.

Food assistance programs focus solely on food and nutrition, and therefore do not cover diapers. Every Little Bottom was created with a single mission – to help get diapers to babies in need.

In 2010, Huggies® donated 22.5 million diapers in North America and in 2011 will donate another 22.5 million diapers.

Huggies® is working to develop a sustainable solution to diaper need that will include building awareness, making additional diaper donations, and forging national and local partnerships to provide ongoing community-based support.

The Overall Strategy

Kimberly-Clark’s overall business strategy for Huggies® is to drive incremental volume of diapers and wipes. In addition to driving sales, the brand hoped to:

  • Build equity
  • Increase share of requirements of Huggies® consumers
  • Help close the “diaper gap” by delivering diapers to moms and babies in need

To reach this goal Huggies® developed multiple levels of engagement, offering participation opportunities and easy-to-use tools so consumers could select what’s right for them:

  • Low: purchase a package of diapers to help a baby in need
  • Medium: spread the word or “plus up” the donation by participating in online programs or donating rewards points
  • High: donate diapers or host a diaper drive, which can be as easy as a food drive

By giving consumers the opportunity to contribute to the cause through purchase, Huggies® inherently met their overall business strategy of driving sales.  The brand also gave consumers and employees the benefit of contributing to their communities on a personal level – parents helping other parents in need.

Building from the 2010 launch, in 2011 Huggies® will drive consumer participation and engagement programs which will ultimately drive sales and loyalty.

Measuring Success

Success is measured on many levels, from sales to consumer engagement to the number of babies helped. Huggies® has already seen positive results in the short-term including:

  • In 2010 Huggies® Every Little Bottom (ELB) drove participation via purchase with more than 9.7 million packs sold.
  • Huggies® donated 22.5 million diapers in 2010 – the equivalent of providing 100,000 babies with enough diapers for a full month
  • Senior leaders and hundreds of Kimberly-Clark employees have become involved, from employee events to starting their own diaper banks