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Resilience in a Box

Developed in partnership with The UPS Foundation, Resilience in a Box is based on best practices and designed to educate business leaders on disaster preparedness and business resilience.

Small businesses are both highly vulnerable and can be without adequate resources to focus on preparedness actions. Having a disaster plan can mean the difference between your business recovering after a disaster or closing forever. Resilience in a Box educates businesses on how to prepare for disasters of all kinds, while building in flexibility to handle potential business interruptions.

  • Basic LevelThe Basic Level provides simple and easy-to-follow steps that apply to all types and sizes of businesses. This includes a Business Preparedness Checklist, Top 20 Preparedness Tips, and Collateral Materials.Learn More
  • Intermediate LevelThe Intermediate Level builds on the Basic Level by providing more detailed readiness tools, tips, and resources to enhance business resilience against all hazards or potential disruptions. This includes the Business Disaster Resilience 101 Workbook which is geared towards addressing a company's six critical assets before a disaster occurs.Learn More
  • Advanced LevelThe Advanced Level provides full Business Continuity and disaster planning solutions that offer resilience against all hazards. It is an optional level that incurs some costs for delivery (e.g. translation). Reach out to our team at if interested in learning more.

The Advanced Level includes:

The Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Workbook: Provides the foundation for developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), addressing plan elements, training exercises, and preparation for using the DRB Toolkit.  

The DRB Toolkit®: A robust and comprehensive interactive plan-builder application that uses videos, templates, customizable tools, and decision-making aids to prevent disruptions from turning into disasters. 

Please reach out to the experts on our team if you would like to learn more about and access the Resilience 101 Workbook Resources.



The Resilience in a Box program is a collaborative partnership with The UPS Foundation to help small businesses become more resilient and prepare for disasters.

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