Resilience in a Box Workbook

Top 20 Tips for Business Preparedness

Business Preparedness Checklist


October 20, 2016


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Resilience in a Box: Strengthening Communities Globally

The Resilience in a Box workbook guides companies toward addressing preparedness issues while building in flexibility to handle potential business interruptions.

Top 20 Tips for Business Preparedness

Here are simple tips and steps to advance your company’s readiness for any disaster, whether natural or manmade.

Each of these elements will become part of your disaster plan, the core of any continuity program. The goal is to increase your business’ resilience through measures that are not extra tasks on your “to-do list”, but instead are incorporated into your everyday operations as part of your best practices – since disasters can strike without warning.

Business Preparedness Checklist

Resilience in a Box is designed to provide the most effective ways to increase your ability to survive and thrive after any disaster such as a flood, earthquake, power outage, etc.

Complete this self-assessment checklist to rate your business’ readiness.

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