May 31, 2024


On April 27, 2024, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil began experiencing unprecedented amounts of flooding. As of May 22, more than 150 people have died, 600,000 displaced, and many unaccounted for as the situation remains hazardous. Infrastructure is compromised by the heavy rainfall and aid has been difficult to deliver in some areas due to the damaged roadways. According to the state’s Governor, Eduardo Leite, the initial estimate of $3.7 billion needed to rebuild Rio Grande do Sul will continue to rise.

This page will provide up-to-date guidance and resources to help the business community effectively contribute to response efforts. We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available. 

AmCham Brazil

AmCham Brazil is the largest multisectoral association in the country and one of the largest American Chambers of Commerce worldwide. Founded in 1919, it is a non-profit and non-partisan organization. AmCham Brazil fosters connections among its member companies, provides content for the development of business leadership, and advocates for cross-cutting interests in areas such as Brazil-US relations, competitiveness, sustainability, international trade, and investment.

AmCham Brazil, through a Paypal account (, is receiving donations that will be allocated to support the reception and reconstruction efforts in Rio Grande do Sul. This account will serve to facilitate the collection of resources from other regions through a credible channel, which can be used to assist the frontline of this work. Some of the benefiting institutions include: 

* Please note that AmCham Brazil is a 501c6 organization and donations are not tax deductible. 

Organizations responding in Brazil: 

For further information to support relief efforts, please email

Note: As with most humanitarian crises, unsolicited donations of food and product overwhelm local communities and negatively impact critical relief operations. Please do not send unsolicited donations. Only provide in-kind donations of goods that have been requested by an organization who can manage the donation.