Best Partnership Award Finalist Hilton Worldwide's Soap Saves Lives

October 30, 2012

Global Soap Project’s founder, Derreck Kayongo, a Kenyan refugee, showed the impact discarded soap could have in saving lives

Think about the last time you stayed in a hotel. Maybe you were on vacation or a business trip. Maybe it was a week-long vacation, or just a quick overnight pit-stop. Out of all the details you remember from your last trip, I bet there’s one piece you can’t remember: the free soap the hotel provided you.

Bar soap is hotel freebie that we’ve come to expect as standard. But let me ask you, do you know what happens to that soap once you check out? Most likely, you left the soap behind without a second thought. If you stayed at a Hilton Worldwide hotel, that soap you left behind might go on to save the life of someone half way around the world.

By partnering with the Global Soap Project, Hilton Worldwide is helping prevent diarrheal disease and pneumonia among vulnerable populations in developing countries. This is being done by simply increasing access to soap! 

Here's more of the story:

Hand-washing with soap is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent these diseases, which cause more than 3.5 million child deaths annually. Vulnerable populations, such as orphans, refugees, and disaster victims, rarely have access to soap. Hilton Worldwide and Global Soap Project partner to collect, sort, reprocess, and remold used hotel soap into new bars. Global Soap Project then distributes the bars itself or through its screened strategic partners to help critical populations overcome sanitation and hygiene-related disease.

The work between Hilton Worldwide and Global Soap Project is recognized this year as one of the five best business-nonprofit partnerships at the 2012 Citizens Awards - the people’s choice awards of CSR.

Here's why this partnership makes sense:

In addition to assisting some of the world’s most vulnerable people by donating a product that would otherwise be wasted, the partnership with Global Soap Project makes Hilton Worldwide stand out from other hotel properties when it competes for event and group sales contracts, providing a strategic advantage to its core business. This initiative also helps reduce waste in landfills and the need to tap other resources for soap production, advancing Hilton Worldwide’s enterprise-wide sustainability goals. As of early September 2012, nearly 1,000 hotels are contributing, with Hilton Worldwide properties making up more than 1/3 of the total. Hilton Worldwide is working to expand the number of its properties that participate, increase awareness of the Global Soap Project’s mission, and engage others in the hospitality industry.

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