Helping Businesses Succeed will Help Joplin Succeed

January 31, 2012

BCLC’s recent business delegation trip to Joplin Mo. brought together business leaders, government officials and nonprofit organizations to assess the community recovery efforts post-tornado. As part of the trip, Gerald McSwiggan, the senior manager of BCLC's Disaster Assistance and Recovery Program, spoke with regional media on the role of businesses in post-disaster recovery efforts. The Joplin Tri-State Business Journal covered the trip and published its coverage “Officials with U.S. Chamber, national corporations tour Joplin”, via the Joplin Tri-State Business Journal:

"Disaster recovery is complicated," he said. "It's not easy. It takes a lot of perseverance. And business recovery is complicated.

"You can't will businesses to come back. What you do is you set up opportunities for them. ... And those opportunities come in things like making sure there's a good school system, making sure you have an educated work force, making sure that there's good housing. (If you make) sure all those pieces of the community puzzle are coming together, businesses will come out of that.

"That's what's great about the American dream," McSwiggan said. "When you give people opportunity, businesses will flourish. That's what we need to do here in order to help Joplin recover: give businesses an opportunity to be successful."

The article also featured the Disaster Assistance and Recovery Program’s chair Ken Sternad of the UPS Foundation.  I encourage you to read the full article here to learn more about the recovery effort and read Ken’s comments.