The CEW team are pioneers. We conceive and lead long-term, systems change in education and workforce, the underpinnings of American competitiveness and prosperity. Our work is differentiated by our ability to knit together the entire spectrum—from early childhood education, childcare and k-12 education, to employment, skills, and training.

We develop game-changing thought leadership for the employer community, and we produce solutions that employers need to take action and to address some of their most pressing challenges. In everything we do, we aim to create more opportunities and options for people and communities to thrive.



Key Programs

The CEW team is unique within the 501(c)(3) Foundation in that several staff are dual hatted as 501(c)(6) Chamber lobbyists.

K-12 Education

Helping the business community participate effectively in education reform activities at the local level, where most education decisions are made. Key issues include standards, measuring learning, creating strong accountability systems, ensuring broadband access, and public school choice options. Key issue for 2021: measuring learning loss as a result of the pandemic and ensuring that standards are kept in place, and providing necessary viewpoints from the business community to the new Biden administration.

Employment, Skills, and Training

Talent Pipeline Management®
TPM® is designed to solve a persistent issue for the business community – what is taught in the classroom doesn’t match what is required for careers. Currently running in 36 states, the TPM Academy® delivers a curriculum based on principles of supply chain management and teaches employers how to rethink how they acquire human talent. 

T3 Innovation Network™
The network comprises more than 500 organizations working together to solve a crux issue in workforce – the interoperability and seamless sharing of data across employers, higher ed, community colleges, vocational schools, the military, and job seekers.  The vision: job seekers will have a portable “learner/employer version” of electronic health records. 

Talent Finance
CEW’s newest initiative launched in 2020 to solve a third persistent issue in workforce – how we finance and invest in education, training, and upskilling. Student debt, for example, is hindering prosperity and the American Dream, so this initiative is bringing together experts and companies like JPMC to reimagine and pilot new finance tools and policy agendas.

Key Donors 

We thank our donors for their generous support in ensuring our work continues to elevate and promote solutions for the most pressing education and workforce challenges we face today.

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Ballmer Group
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Cognizant Foundation
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Kellogg Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Schmidt Futures
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Walton Family Foundation