Employers, Childcare, & Returning to Work in COVID-19

August 1, 2020

Families now face immense pressure to re-evaluate how to meet their childcare needs. Faced with this burden, families are having to make tough decisions regarding their employment situation. As a result, businesses will surely encounter difficulties with their return to work plans, including recruiting and retaining employees.

Employers have a leadership opportunity to demonstrate that childcare supports, through a combination of public and private investments, are good for our businesses, our communities, and our families.

In June and July of 2020, the Chamber Foundation surveyed employers from across the country of every size and industry to understand the impact that childcare has on businesses' ability to return to work. Check out the report below.

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Key Findings: 

  • 79% of employers have shifted a significant part of the workforce to remote work
  • 40% of employers have offered additional childcare accommodations, assistance, or benefits due to COVID-19
  • 92% of employers believe they are aware of the childcare needs of their employees
  • 40% of employers are concerned that some of their employees will not fully return to work
  • 1/4 of employers are concerned that some employees will leave the workforce entirely¬†