Caiti Donovan

Caiti Donovan
Co-Founder and Executive Director, SheIS

Caiti Donovan is global marketer, world traveler, and mentor. She has spent nearly 15 years working in advertising, marketing, and digital media. This includes experience at major media companies like Viacom and Spotify, where she developed regional and global marketing programs and narratives which have been recognized by organizations like MediaPost and AdAge. While Caiti's early career growth came primarily from the private, for-profit world, her passions have always been centered on nonprofit sector. In 2015, Caiti decided she wanted to dive deeper into this sector and founded Digital Jobs Project, a not-for-profit initiative focused on creating education and job opportunities for Syrian refugees, with a special focus on women and children. After making the decision to dissolve the nonprofit into a partner organization, Caiti began working as a growth and development consultant in the nonprofit management sector. Currently based in New York City, Caiti is now the Executive Director of SheIS, and continues to help a variety of nonprofits and CSR clients who are focused on women’s equality, homelessness, and education.

Having lived in 14 cities across four continents, Caiti is a strong advocate for empowering people through embracing cultural diversity. She is a mentor to young women looking to excel in business and entrepreneurship, and spends her free time training for half marathons and the occasional marathon, or playing with her dachshund, Ava, which she and her partner rescued from Puerto Rico in 2017.

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