Cullen Gilchrist

Cullen Gilchrist
CEO and Co-Founder, Union Kitchen

Cullen graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Economics and Sociology in 2007.  Following an internship in finance, Cullen switched to the food business. First working in restaurants, bars, and cafeterias, Cullen worked as a General Manager and Area Food Safety Manager at Sodexo in Boston.  Upon moving to DC in 2010, Cullen worked as a Manager at Think Food Group and a cook at numerous restaurants in DC. In February 2012, Cullen founded Blind Dog Cafe. Blind Dog Cafe was a pop up cafe that ran successfully until 2016 inside of Darnell’s Bar.  The experience of running a small food business led to understanding the problems that an entrepreneur faces and what some of the solutions might be. This led to the creation of Union Kitchen in December of 2012. Union Kitchen was created to solve the problem of kitchen space, licensing and the basics of running a food company.  It has evolved into the ecosystem that it is today since then. Cullen has been Co-CEO and CEO since 2012 and Board Chair since 2016. As CEO and Board Chair, Cullen is responsible for all operations of the company.

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