Funlayo Alabi

Funlayo Alabi
Co-Founder, Shea Radiance


Funlayo Alabi co-founded Shea Radiance, a natural beauty brand dedicated to transforming hair, skin, thinking … and lives into something more beautiful than what it was before. She believes in the power of economic access and what can happen when women reach out to lift other women, regardless of their differences.

Her business was born out of the need to find a natural solution for her young children’s eczema-prone skin. That need sent her on a quest to her homeland of West Africa, where she rediscovered the healing properties of Shea butter. Not only did she find the missing ingredient for her skin and haircare products; she found a way to link her own journey of motherhood to that of women Shea producers in Africa. An integral part of Shea Radiance is to empower the 16 million African women who are picking and processing Shea nuts and butter, and connect them with women around the world who benefit from their artisan craftsmanship. 

Funlayo spent a decade working in healthcare as a business analyst and software developer while she created the Shea Radiance brand in her free time. She spent nearly a decade working on all-natural product formulations for Shea Radiance, with the objective of perfecting a high-percentage of shea butter formulation. 

Funlayo is a global business leader who speaks domestically and internationally on matters of international business, market and economic access for African women, Africa’s agricultural sector and Shea butter.  Her speaker credentials include HBA Global, USAID, Global Shea Alliance conferences and domestic academia.    Funlayo serves as the Chair of the Global Shea Alliance Sustainability Working Group where she is responsible for leading change to ensure the next generation of business values the input of the women whose labor is so instrumental to the industry.  Funlayo holds a B.A. in International Business from Howard University and an M.B.A. from Regent University.

About Shea Radiance

Shea Radiance was founded in 2008 by Funlayo Alabi on the premise that women need to care for themselves and each other.  Shea Radiance crafts artisanal skincare and haircare products that are all-natural with the purest, small-batch, women-sourced shea butter from West Africa as a primary ingredient. Shea Radiance promotes the power of community and empowerment for women around the globe.  For more about the Shea Radiance story, please visit