Jason Gillette

Director of School Health, Arizona Department of Education

Jason Gillette is the State Director for School Health for the Department of Education. He has served in this capacity for over two and a half years. He is also heavily involved in public health and community solutions. Jason sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Public Health Association, the advisory council for Mayo Clinic, SIRC, Co-Chairs the Arizona Cancer Coalition and is a fellow of Vitalyst’s Agents of Community Transformation (ACT). He has years of experience in the non-profit, foundation and private sectors, as a project manager, communications manager and sales. Jason’s passion for health, health equity and public health has inspired his research on Quality of Life of children, and perception of health in adults. Jason has been involved with philanthropic work in communities of color and has aided in support of addressing health equities among minority youth. Jason holds a bachelor’s in Global Health from Arizona State University. Jason’s desire is to continue to understand and influence the design, policies and systems that impact health and people and communities, while better understanding the diversiformed and complex needs of health and health equity. Jason is supported by his son, colleagues and mentors to continue making positive impacts in policies, systems and environments focusing on health. 

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