Katie Brown

Katie Brown Headshot
Chief Education Officer and Founder, EnGen

Katie Brown has dedicated her career to making language learning more accessible and effective using innovative technology and research-based best practices. She earned her PhD in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) from the University of Maryland in 2013, where her research focused on technology-mediated language training as well as instructed SLA and cognition.  She has led teams to design award-winning language courses for the U.S. Government, universities, and language training centers; she spent years evaluating and analyzing commercially available language learning products; and she has conducted extensive empirical research on how to design online language programs that are efficient, effective and entertaining. She holds ten patents on the technology she designed to deliver AI-driven language learning at scale. She is the founder and Chief Education Officer of EnGen, a public benefit company, and her current goal is to leverage this technology to deliver high-quality, needs-based English instruction to immigrants and refugees, rapidly giving them the tools they need to advocate for themselves and their families and improve their economic outcomes.