Leslie Cruz

Leslie Cruz
CEO, STEMconnector

Leslie Cruz serves as the CEO of STEMconnector.  She leads the firm's strategy and operations and engages leaders across public and private sectors who collectively are re-envisioning the workforce and identifying strategies to increase the number of STEM-ready workers in the global talent pool.  Leslie's goal is to inform, stimulate, counsel and connect leaders with a passion for and commitment to closing the STEM-ready gaps in education and work.

With deep experience in the technology sector, Leslie is no stranger to how critical a STEM workforce is to the country's human capital strategy and ability to participate in the global economy.  Prior to joining STEMconnector, Leslie was an executive at CEB, a professional services firm that assists C-level executives and business leaders primarily within IT, HR and R&D to develop talent growth strategies and solutions.  She is a leader who cares deeply about women in STEM, and she herself has led numerous technology transformation initiatives. One of the most memorable anecdotes of her 20-year career is that of a team member commenting on what an inspiration it was to work on a technology project lead by a female executive.

As a New Orleans native, Leslie developed an interest in education and community development and has been involved in supporting efforts in both New Orleans and Washington, DC. Leslie lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Rick, and two children, Luca and Belén.

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