Martin Stuchtey

Founder and Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ

Both a geologist and an economist by training, Martin is the Founder and Managing Partner of SYSTEMIQ.

Formerly Martin served for five years as the Director of the McKinsey Center for Business & Environment, and led the firm's work on strategic resources: water, land use, energy, or closed-loop industrial systems. He helped clients mitigate the effects of scarce resources and capture hidden opportunities for cost reduction, risk containment, and growth.

In 2008, Martin led the formation of the 2030 Water Resources Group, a consortium comprising Nestlé, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), McKinsey, and a group of leading companies with an interest in promoting analytically-based water-management techniques. The Water Resource Group is supporting water sector transformations in more than ten countries.

Martin serves companies, governments, and financial institutions. Recent examples of his work include: creating an open-source internet resource on water productivity; helping the government of a Middle Eastern country develop a green-growth strategy; creating a national circular economy project; and working with a major petroleum company to develop sustainability strategies.

Martin was previously a leader in McKinsey's Travel, Infrastructure, & Logistics Practice. In that role, he worked with clients including logistics companies, shipping lines, ports, and other infrastructure operators.

Martin is a member of Rotary International and plays an active role in various non-governmental organizations. He is also a lecturer at Innsbruck University.