Mathy Stanislaus

Mathy Stanislaus
Circular Economy Fellow, World Resources Institute; Senior Advisor, Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (World Economic Forum)

Mr. Stanislaus is serving as Circular Economy Fellow at the World Resources Institute and Senior Advisor on the Platform for Accelerating Circular Economic Policy in partnership with the World Economic Forum. The platform consists of senior leaders of multinational corporations, national governments and international organizations partnering to co-design policy and financial mechanisms to address the acceleration of natural resource consumption that is driving environmental degradation.

He served as a senior political official for the Obama Administration, serving as the Assistant Administrator of the USEPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management, a US Senate confirmed position. At USEPA, Mr. Stanislaus led programs that revitalize communities through the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated, hazardous and solid waste materials management, chemical plant safety, oil spill prevention, and emergency response. He led the effort to advance the transition to a circular economy through a life-cycle based sustainable materials management approach as a key effort to advance climate change mitigation. Through this effort, he establish public-private partnerships with the food sector to achieve SDG 12’s goal of reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, with the electronics sector to drive 100% of used electronics recycled to certified recyclers and realignment of regulations to drive circularity in manufacturing. He represented the U.S. at G7 deliberations that led to the formation of the G7 Alliance for Resources Efficiency and the of G7 countries plus Netherlands and Korea with representatives of their manufacturers to identify best practices to advance resource efficiency and circular economy in the supply chain. He advanced President Obama’s Climate Action Plan by climate change strategies into the Office’s programs.

Mr. Stanislaus is an environmental lawyer and chemical engineer with over 15 plus years of experience in the environmental field in the private, and public sectors.

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