Matt Gee, President, BrightHive

Talent Forward Speaker: Matt Gee

Matt Gee is co-founder and CEO at BrightHive, a public benefit corporation building data collaboratives that power smarter government and more effective social service delivery. He is also a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Chicago’s Center for Data Science and Public Policy. He is the co-founder of the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good fellowship, which over the last five years has paired 250 data science fellows with over 85 national, state, and local government organizations and NGOs to build data-driven solutions to social problems. 

Matt works to find new ways to increase individual efficacy and equality of opportunity with new data and new tools like machine learning, focusing primarily on social service systems, workforce and education, and sustainable development. He has been principal investigator on major research initiatives in data science, machine learning, and AI research initiatives funded by the National Science Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, the JP Morgan Chase Foundation and others, developed new models for public-private data partnerships with nonprofit organizations, corporations, and governments. He has previously worked at the US Treasury and has founded several companies using data to improve society. He's served as an advisor to Code for America, DataKind, and the World Bank. He is an open source software evangelist and an active advocate for improving access to STEM opportunities for disadvantaged youth.