Michel Freedman, founder and CEO of Practical Academics

Michael Freedman

Michel Freedman is the founder and CEO of Practical Academics. Practical Academics provides training and development services to organizations, a professional development community for designers and teachers, and lifelong learning platforms to the general market.

In twenty years in top-tier technology businesses, Michael led operational service organizations providing comprehensive services to financial market data customers (brokers, advisers, and treasury mangers) and technology sales executives (global and national sales and service organizations). Now, after fifteen years in education, his entrepreneurial passions led him to Practical Academics which offers interactive instruction and delivery programs and marketing services to organizations, educational institutions, and individual subject matter experts.

Michael has complimented his working career with public service as the board chair of two non-profits, a charter school board chair, and a high school district trustee. He volunteers in his local community to support entrepreneurship, talent development, and educational institutions. He has an M.A. from the Annenberg School at USC in Communications Management and a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara in Speech Communications.