Nathalie Roberts

Director, HerProject

Nathalie Roberts is the Director of BSR’s HERproject, a global public-private partnership to empower low-income women working in global supply chains through workplace programs promoting health and financial inclusion. Working with 40 companies, over 300 factories and farms, and multiple service providers, HERproject has increased the health of over 250,000 factory workers and the financial capabilities of women and men in 14 countries. At BSR, a nonprofit, global business network and consultancy focused on delivery of sustainable business strategies and solutions, Nathalie brings 15+ years’ experience in successfully leading large scale sustainability, health and community engagement programs with global organizations such the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Population Services International (PSI) and the World Bank.

As Deputy Director at the CDC, Nathalie was the recipient of numerous awards including the Medal of Excellence in Global Health, and led negotiations with international partners to implement programs in Asia and the Americas, conducting prevention, surveillance and monitoring & evaluation activities to strengthen global public health systems.