Neera Nundy

Nundy, Neera
Co-founder, DASRA

Neera plays a leading role in bringing managerial skills, knowledge and critical analysis to Dasra. She initiated and led the launch of the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program with Harvard Business Publishing, a first-of-its-kind executive education program for social sector leaders in India; and has supported the analysis of over 30 Dasra sector reports on education, health and livelihoods, enabling over USD 44 million in funding for hundreds of social enterprises.

She has closely worked with Dasra's portfolio organizations such as Educate Girls, SNEHA, Sarathi and Aangan to refine their strategies and accelerate their growth by 20-30x. In addition, she has played a pivotal role in engaging with USAID, Piramal Foundation and Kiawah Trust to form the Dasra Girl Alliance, a collaborative partnership that focuses on reproductive- maternal- new-born child healthcare and adolescents girls’ empowerment in India. 

She holds a masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, is an Indian Leadership Initiative Fellow with Aspen Institute, and is an elected executive committee member of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. She is a recipient of the Canadian Governor General's Medallion for her dedication to addressing the persistent challenges of poverty in India, and has also been awarded the Forbes Philanthropy Award in the Crossover Leaders category for 2014.

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