Nicolla Ross

Nicolla Ross
Vice President, Health Strategies, American Heart Association

Nicolla Ross is Vice President, Health Strategies for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Los Angeles County Division. Prior to her decade with the AHA, she spent over 10 years as both a television executive in marketing, advertising and sales promotion for ESPN, Inc., E! Networks and NBC affiliate stations and a publishing consultant. Her passion for healthy living aligns well with her current work devoted to fighting heart disease and stroke. She has learned that building equitable well-being means going beyond treatment of chronic conditions—it requires strategizing further upstream to tackle the complex economic and environmental barriers to health that plague communities.

Nicolla has co-authored research papers that have been featured in academic and health journals.

She holds a BA in communications and a MS in human ecology from the Ohio State University.

Nicolla has published a women’s inspirational magazine and blog. If her voice sounds familiar, it may be because she lends it to voiceovers for health videos and being the “voice of God” announcer for her organization’s community events.

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