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Govani, Rachna

Rachna Govani is the CEO and Co-founder of FOODSTAND, the ‘good food’ app that teaches people healthy eating habits for lifelong change. Through community-powered, Healthy Eating Challenges, coupled with accepted food principles (less processed foods, more plants, fewer animal products and mindful eating) FOODSTAND aims to change one habit, one meal at a time, in an effort to reverse diet related disease metrics and save lives. 

Growing up the daughter of food business owners, Govani’s earliest memories are ones of scooping ice cream at the family ice cream shop. Working at her parents’ bodegas in New Jersey provided an early education on the connection between cheap, processed food and obesity. In retrospect, these experiences fueled many of her business and personal pursuits.

After earning her Economics and Psychology degree from NYU, Govani went on to build a successful career in consumer behavior driven product development. She spent 5 years at American Express where she achieved award-winning recognition and earned herself a patent for a new business line she launched. She later went on to Recyclebank focusing on building products and tools to help people live more sustainable lives.

Having experienced the grief of several family members succumbing to diet-related disease, Govani’s profound passion for fixing a food system that breeds unhealthy habits led her to join forces with Purpose and, together with her co-founder, launch FOODSTAND. 

Govani has spoken widely on food systems issues, food waste, healthy habits, and behavior change, and has been featured in Food & Wine, Forbes, Edible and Heritage Radio just to name a few. She divides her time between New York and Detroit and can be found in her kitchen or hosting dinners when she isn't working on FOODSTAND. 

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