Steve Russell

Vice President, Plastics Division American Chemistry Council

Steve Russell joined the American Chemistry Council in 1995 and is currently the Vice President of the Plastics Division, where he leads public-private partnerships and solutions-oriented programs to address the sustainability of plastics. Under his lead the Division has worked to develop and use life cycle information and analyses for plastics, worked to improve the sustainability of plastics, and has launched a number of innovative initiatives and policies to improve plastic collection and recycling of post use plastics, with a focus on economies in the Asia-Pacific region. He played as key role in creating the World Plastics Council, a group of CEOs from among the world’s largest leading plastic resin producing companies to mobilize industry action, and prioritize the need for waste management systems to keep plastic out of our ocean.


In previous roles Mr. Russell has participated in the development of chemicals management and product stewardship programs and policies in the US and Europe, with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and with various multilateral organizations. He has served on a Federal advisory committee on chemicals policy, and created a voluntary industry initiative to generate and make publicly available critical health and safety information on industrial chemicals. 


Mr. Russell earned a BA from the University of Kansas and a JD from California Western School of Law.