Tamara Barker

Barker, Tamara
Chief Sustainability Officer, UPS
Tamara Barker was appointed the company’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and Vice President of Environmental Affairs in April 2016.
As CSO, Barker leads a dedicated engineering group that manages global sustainability data for reporting. Her team oversees a cross-functional Sustainability Working Committee and a Sustainability Directors Committee that establishes key performance indicators and goals for the company. Barker also is a member of the Corporate Sustainability Steering Committee, which includes five executives from UPS‘s Management Committee, the top tier of the company’s management structure.
As Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Barker has responsibility for UPS’s Environmental Compliance programs, controlling hazardous waste management and the transportation of hazardous materials.
Barker, a nearly 30-year UPS veteran, joined the company in 1988 as a UPS package delivery driver in Ohio. She has held positions of increasing responsibility over the years primarily in Plant Engineering. She served as the Plant Engineering manager for the Southeast Region and most recently served as the West Region Director of Plant Engineering.
Barker also is active in external sustainability initiatives including Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Georgia Nature Conservancy and the Atlanta Sustainability Network.

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