10 Ways for Businesses to Be Hurricane Ready

Just before Memorial Day, I was on vacation in Edisto Island and Charleston, SC, and ushered in the 2012 hurricane season pre-events.  As we arrived, Tropical Storm Alberto formed and was making a fuss with  gusts of 50 miles per hour coming ashore – no rain but plenty of wind.  We had a delightful week enjoying the area.  Then as we were leaving, Tropical Storm Beryl formed.  As it turned out, TS Beryl brought much needed rain to northern Florida and southern Georgia.  It reminded me of another Tropical Storm, Alberto, which flooded Florida, Georgia, and Alabama 18 years ago and almost forgot to leave. The flooding caused some loss of life and considerable damage. Rebuilding took years.

What you can’t prevent, you can prepare for. 

What you can’t prevent, you can prepare for.  Part of preparedness planning is having proper and adequate insurance. The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) issued a press release on May 29th that everyone in areas vulnerable to hurricanes should read. It gives 10 tips on being prepared. These tips apply to individuals and businesses. 

You need to protect your investment in property and equipment.  Now is the time.  As they say, “Just do it!”

10 Tips from Property Casualty Insurers Association

1. Review your insurance policy to avoid any surprises.

2. Talk with your agent/insurer to make sure you have the right policies with adequate limits.

3. Get flood insurance.

4. Make sure you know the amount of your deductible.

5. Purchase insurance well in advance of a storm.

6. Inventory household items now to speed up claims processing after the storm.

7. Store important documents where they will stay safe and dry.

8. Develop an emergency plan before the emergency.

9. Perform routine home maintenance now to avoid major repairs later.

10. Don’t make your house a target for debris.

Learn more about these tips online.