Basic Security Tips Every Business Owner Should Review


Simple security tips to keep your business safe from unwanted criminals.

Warmer days are here again! With spring comes greener lawns, growing landscape, longer days and more activity. Whether your business is in the city, or the suburbs, taking extra measures to keep unwanted criminals out is vital. It’s not an easy job, so we’ve put together a basic list of priorities to help ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to deter uninvited guests. 

  • Cut back landscaping. Extra growth and landscaping can often hide criminal activity
  • Install deadbolt locks on all entry doors. If you already have deadbolts in place, double check to ensure all are working properly
  • Make windows difficult to open with pins and locks. You can also add protective film to glass, making it more challenging to break
  • Look into installing a professionally monitored alarm system if you don’t already have one in place. Your local chamber should be able to assist with a list of recommended experts who specialize in businesses security
  • Install video cameras at all entrances, loading docks, outbuildings or any other area attractive to burglars. Post signage letting potential burglars to know cameras are present to deter activity
  • Install fencing and lighting to help protect equipment, vehicles and other miscellaneous items stored outside. Double check all other outbuildings and remote facilities to ensure they are properly secured
  • Repair damage to windows and doors quickly to prevent them becoming a quick and easy entry point for criminals. Burglars look for easy access and will take advantage of any weakness

For additional information or to download our complete safety and security checklist, visit our website here.