Creating Peace & Productivity in a Stressed-Out World

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Stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck. I developed Real Life E time coaching services to help people struggling with these emotional pains through practical, customized, schedule management techniques. With the increase of entrepreneurship and the decrease in staff resources, the downward push of the economy actually widens my circle of potential clients. But as I’ve developed and refined my sales techniques and time coaching services, I’ve come across interesting findings that:

  • Yes, people need guidance on how to proactively plan their days and weeks so they are investing their time instead of having everyone spend it for them.
  • Yes, people need direction on how to set boundaries so they can be present in the moment and feel good about their productivity at work and their contribution at home.
  • Yes, people need accountability and encouragement to clarify goals, strategize actions, upgrade skills and overcome external and internal barriers to success.


But most of all… they need to not feel alone. I’ve found the Real emotional pain that turns prospects into clients is a deep, craving to be heard and understood that languishes below the surface of their hectic lives. I’m integrating this knowledge into my sales process to empower even more people to get the support they need. What’s most exciting to me about growing Real Life E is that when my business increases, it means more people are creating lives of peace and productivity. How about you? What’s the Real Pain you need to address so your business has the largest positive impact on as many people as possible?